711.5 Trans. of Nonresident and Nonpublic Students


The Harlan Community Schools will provide transportation of resident students to nonpublic attendance centers located within the school district, under the following circumstances:

            a.   nonpublic students will be transported who live on regular bus routes established by the Harlan Community Schools;

            b.   the regular moving of substantial numbers of nonpublic students collectively from one point to another  will be accommodated;

            c.   buses will be operated only on those days which the Harlan Community Schools are in session.

In cases where bus transportation of nonpublic students is impracticable, the parent or guardian is entitled to receive reimbursement under the provisions of Iowa Code §§285.1(3) and  285.3.  The Harlan Community Schools reserves the right to make rulings in matters of practicality decisions.  As a general guideline in responding to any request, if the cost of reimbursing the family would be greater than the cost of revising a bus route, the request would be approved.