604.4 Program for At-Risk Students


The Board recognizes some students require additional assistance in order to graduate from the regular education program.  The Board shall provide a program to encourage and provide an opportunity for students at risk to achieve their potential and obtain their high school diploma.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop a program for students at risk.  The following elements may be considered:


  • developing a competency in basic skills; 
  • assuring new learning opportunities; 
  • ·offering counseling to a wide variety of social and personal problems;
  • involving the members of the school district community; 
  • stimulating interest in learning;
  • assuring flexibility of physical facilities, programs, schedules, and resources, both human and material.



Legal reference:          Iowa Code §§256.9, 261C, 262.72, 280.19, 442.51-.54 (1989)

                                    670 Iowa Admin. Code 58

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