505.5 Graduation Requirements



Students must complete the required courses of study prior to graduation as determined by the State Department of Education and the Board of Directors. Forty-four (44) credits must be earned in grades nine through twelve in order to be eligible to graduate from Harlan Community High School.  Forty (40) of those graduation credits must be in academic courses.  Eighth grade electives which are the equivalent of high school courses may count toward graduation requirements.


The following specific requirements shall be included in the 40 academic credits required for graduation from high school:


a.         Language Arts             8 credits          (4.0 units)


b.         Social Studies             6 credits          (3.0 units)


c.         Mathematics                6 credits          (3.0 units)


d.         Science                       6 credits          (3.0 units)


e.         Elective group             3 credits          (1.5 units)

            requirement – to be

            selected from at

            least two of the

            following areas:


            Business Education

            Fine Arts (Art, Band, Chorus)

            Family Consumer Science

            Industrial Technology

            Foreign Language

            Vocational Agriculture


  1. Personal Finance Course


  2. Students must demonstrate a minimum 8th grade reading proficiency as determined by the STAR Reader assessment or the Iowa Grade Equivalent on the state approved assessment. Students with Individualized Education Plans must make progress in accordance with IEP goals and objectives in the area of reading.


Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year graduating class, all students in schools and school districts shall satisfactorily complete at least four units of English and language arts, three units of mathematics, three units of science, three units of social studies, and one full unit of physical education as conditions of graduation. The three units of social studies may include the existing graduation requirements of one-half unit of United States government and one unit of United States history.





In addition, a keyboarding class or demonstrated proficiency in keyboarding shall be a graduation requirement.


Graduation requirements for special education students will be in accordance with the prescribed course of study as described in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Each student’s IEP will include a statement of the projected date of graduation at least 18 months in advance of the projected date and the criteria to be used in determining whether graduation will occur.  Prior to the special education student’s graduation, the IEP team shall determine whether the graduation criteria have been met.


Graduation requirements for any student who transfers in to Harlan Community High School during his/her high school years shall be determined by the superintendent, high school principal, and guidance counselor.  The graduation requirements of the school of origin as well as the requirements of Harlan Community High School shall be taken into consideration.


No outside agency shall have the authority to grant credits applicable to graduation requirements for Harlan Community High School.


Legal Reference:                    Iowa Code §§256.11, .11A; 279.8; 280.3, .14 (2013)

                                                281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.2, .5