504.4 Student Performances


Students, as part of the education program, may participate in contests or other performances approved by the superintendent that will be of benefit to the student and education program.

As a school-sponsored activity, the viewpoints of student participants may be attributed to the school.  In the judgment of the administration, student participants shall not encourage the breaking of laws, cause defamation of persons, or use obscenity. Further, the presentations must be appropriate to assure that the students learn and meet the goals of the activity and that the audience is not exposed to material that may be inappropriate for their level of maturity.

It shall be within the discretion of the superintendent to determine whether the contest will benefit the education program and the participating students.  Contests or other performances by students not approved by the superintendent shall be the responsibility of the parent and the student. 



Legal References:       Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, 108 S. Ct. 562 (1988).

                                    Iowa Code §280.14 (1987).