905.2 Nicotine/Tobacco-Free Environment


The Harlan Community School District is tobacco-free in and on all district property.

The district realizes that tobacco use is detrimental to health and is concerned about providing a healthy environment for students, employees and community members. In that regard, the district recognizes the importance of adult role modeling for students and each other, particularly in an educational environment.

The use of tobacco and nicotine products; including, but not limited to, cigarettes, nicotine chew, snus, dissolvables, electronic cigarettes, including the use of look-a-likes where the original would include tobacco or nicotine and/or other nicotine products that are not approved by the Federal Drug Administration for tobacco cessation; on District property; including in District buildings, on District grounds, in District transportation vehicles, or at any District activity; is prohibited.   This policy extends to all students, employees, volunteers and visitors. This policy applies at all times, including during school-sponsored events and during non-school-sponsored events.  Community members are asked to cooperate with this policy and refrain from using tobacco on district property. Visitors who do not comply will be asked to leave the district premises. District personnel and students failing to abide by this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

It is the district’s intention to provide education, encouragement and assistance for all students, employees and community members in making a personal choice to refrain from tobacco use while within or upon any/all district property. This will allow students, employees and community members to share the responsibility for creating a healthy environment in which we all live, learn and grow.

It will be the right and responsibility of all students, employees and community members to observe and support this policy through personal commitment and advocacy.

 It shall be the responsibility of all District personnel, and specifically District administrators, to enforce this policy.



NOTE:  According to Iowa law, all school grounds are smoke free.  Boards have the authority to expand the policy to make the school facilities and grounds tobacco or nicotine free as well.  For more detailed discussion of this issue, see IASB's Policy Primer, Vol. 22 #6-June 19, 2013 and Vol. 20 #5- July 28, 2008.




Legal Reference:           Goals 2000:  Educate America Act, Pub. L. No. 103-227, 108 Stat. 125 (1994).

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                                    Iowa Code §§ 142D; 279.8, .9; 297 (2013).



Cross Reference:           903.4    Public Conduct on School Premises

                                    905.1    Community Use of School District Buildings & Sites & Equipment