504.5 Student Fund Raising


Permitted types of fund raising include:

  1. breakfasts, dinners, suppers which people attend on their own accord, with no door-to-door ticket sales; 
  2. booths set up for sales situated such as not to confront or solicit patrons: 
  3. advertised sales or promotions, via printed coupons or other utilization of media, mailings, or telephone contacts for information only
  4. other non-soliciting types of fund raising such as car washes, worker auctions, and bake sales.


Direct solicitation of funds from businesses or individuals by any student or staff member under the auspices of the Harlan Community Schools is a restricted activity.  Requests for such fundraising activities shall be submitted in writing to the building principal.  The building principal may reject the request, or he or she may forward the request to the superintendent for final approval.  Certain requirements may be mandated as a condition of approval.


Auxiliary organizations are not governed by Board policies.  However, students shall not participate in soliciting types of fundraising for the support of any school-related organization or activity without the expressed consent of the building principal and superintendent.